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Vase Nº1

Design with meaning and purpose.

Nº1 is a jar that, in itself, completely encapsulates the philosophy of our studio. It is a piece with soul and charisma that will certainly make you create an emotional connection and affection. We want the consumer to know that he is not taking another object home, but a piece of design with meaning and purpose.

The design of vase Nº1 has as its central pillar pure and raw elegance. Since the first sketches we had in mind something that stood out for its organic and fluid silhouette. We wanted something that stood out either on a shelf as a decorative element, or on a dining table like a wine or water jar.

This piece is entirely handmade using molds, also made by hand. It is cooked between 1000 Cº and 1200 Cº.

Pureand raw




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