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The Dome concept is defined as something welcoming, as its name implies. It is a capsule that embraces us, creating a space of comfort that allows us to relax or that extra concentration we need to finish a job.

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Dome is a practical sofa for people who are constantly on the move, with their laptop under their arms, working on anywere, anytime.

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Developed for the common area of an office, it became evident the need for a storage compartment for books, catalogs, or necessary accessories.

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The cushions are covered with Burel, a Portuguese handmade fabric, made of wool, traditionally used for shepherds' and coats of Serra da Estrela due to its waterproof characteristics and resistance. It is a very versatile fabric that we can already find in several branches of design, from fashion to footwear, decorative objects, wall coverings, architecture, etc. One of the great advantages of Burel is also the possibility of using numerous colors, to the taste of each user, so that it fits with the environment in which it will be inserted.

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Yakisugi (焼 杉) is a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation. Yaki means warming up with fire, and Sugi cypress. Creating a dark and natural look, enhancing the beauty of wood. This process was introduced in order to honor the fire fighting in Portugal.

Plywood is a material made from thin layers of wood. Its formal versatility makes it the right material for designing the "capsules" of the Dome sofa.

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Dome has clean lines, in order to find total harmony with its surroundings. Conveying naturalness and desire to use, as well as its practicality for rest and work.