Spice Box Gin Cork

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Originally conceived for a university project that consisted of embracing the challenge of the BA glass competition in partnership with the corkscrew Amorim, the 2016 Glassberries Design Awards. Although the proposal was given an honourable mention by the designer Micael Bacelar Pereira, the real award came some time later, with the intention of Corticeira Amorim to acquire the cork concept.


Amorim Top Series’ new Spice Box features a transparent acrylic swivel lid which can be used to store dried botanicals or spices.
The producer stated that the product was inspired by the trend of adding botanicals and spices as garnishes for gin.
"Producers can sell their gins with a pre-selected spice, and Spice Boxes can then be easily refilled or alternated with different corks, each with its own different plant or seasoning," the brand said in a statement.

27th November, 2018 by Phoebe French

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Photos by Amorim Top Series amorimtopseries.com